Reasons to shop from us

If going green is important to you, you'll want to shop with us. We are about fresh and fun natural products that are absolutely free and liberated of parabens, mineral oils, petroleum, irradiated or genetically modified ingredients, herbicide or pesticide residues, and sodium lauryl sulphate. We do not use any ingredients considered potentially dangerous and never add unnecessary or cheap "filler" ingredients to our products.

If being conscious about what you put on your skin is important to you, you'll want to shop with us. As Signers for Safe Cosmetics since 2007, we diligently list each and every ingredient used to make the product. Skin Deep is an online cosmetic safety database created by EWG (Environmental Working Group) that provides safety information on over 8,000 ingredients used in more than 40,000 personal care products. Our products receive excellent safety ratings with Skin Deep ( and we are up-to-date on all requirements of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics meeting requirements for Full Member status.

If quality is your priority, you'll want to shop with us. We are determined to bring you the purest and most natural skincare possible. Being the cutting edge in personal body care is our priority. We are one of the first companies in the United States to base our line on certified organic argan oil.

If supporting American small business is important to you, you'll want to shop with us. Our products are proudly created in San Diego County, California.

Please note that we are in the process of changing our wildflowers labels into stone made tree free labels.

Thank you for letting us take care of you the all natural way. Never tested on animals, other than family and friends.

Destiny Boutique Staff

P.S. Please manifest your own destiny, and always read the cosmetics label.